AC Contactors CJX2 / LC1

CJX2 series AC contactor(hereinafter to be referred as contactor), it mainly applies to the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz, and rated insulation voltage 660V. When used in AC-3, and rated operational voltage is 380V, rated current up to 620A, for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or control the motor. Combined with proper thermal overload relay can protect load circuit. Contactor can fre-quently start and control AC electromotor. This product conforms to IEC60947-4-1 standard.

AC Contactors CJX2-F / LC1-F

CJX2-F AC contactor is suitable for using in the circuits u to the rated voltage 380V AC 50/ 60Hz, current 800A, for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or controlling the motor. It also can be sed for the conntrol of distribution circuits of rated current from 115A to 800A. It conforms to IEC60947-4-1.

Mini Contactors CJX2-K / LC1-K

CJX2-K series AC contactor is suitable for use in the circuit up to the rate and frequentstarting, controlling the AC motor. The addition of auxiliary contact group to the contactor, com-bined with the proper thermal relay, can act to protect the circuit bound to overload. It conformsto IEC60947-4-1.

AC Contactor CJX1 / 3TF

CJX1 series AC contactors are suitable for frequency 50/60Hz,rated insulation voltage up to1000V,rated operation current 9~475A under AC-3 duty.It is mainly used for making/breakingelectric circuit at a long distance & for frequent starting/stopping & with thermal relay to com-pose a magnetic motor starter.The product conforms to IEC60947-4-1 stardand.

Capacitor Contactors CJ19

CJ19 series changeover capacitor contactor is mainly applicable to a power line of AC 50Hzor 60Hz, rated working voltage up to 380V. It is used to put a low voltage parallel connectedcapacitor in operation or switch it off in a low voltage reactive power compensation device. Thecontactor is equipped with a surge suppressor, which can effectively reduce the surge currentpassing through the capacitor at weitching on and suppress the over-voltage at switching off.The product is in conformity with the standards IEC947-4-1.

DC Contactors CJX2-Z / LC1-Z

• Contactors according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1 • With rated current up to 95A at 400V AC-3 • 3-pole versions • DC Coil control voltage 12VDC - 220 VDC • Rated conditional short circuit current I 50kA q • Suitable mainly for industrial applications, can be used also for domestic ones • Mounting onto device rail (DIN) 35 mm or 75 mm (sizes 40A,50A,65A,80A,95A) or onto panel

Time Delay Contact Block LA2 / LA3

LA2-D timer delay auxiliary contact blocks are combined with LC1-D AC contactor & LA1-D auxiliary contact block into LC1-D star delta reduced voltage starter to start motor.

Auxiliary Contacts LA1

LA1-D series auxiliary contact blocks are installed at the top of LA2-D control relay or LC1-D AC contactor for expanding the couples of auxiliary contacts points. Owing to adopting the contacting functions of sliding friction, the item can be self-cleaning & ensure the electric circuit to be reliable.

Side Mounting Auxiliary Contact LA8

Side Mounting Auxiliary Contact LA8 for AC Contactors LC1-D

Mechanical Interlocks for Contactors LC1-D

LA9 series mechanical interlocks used for LC1-D Contactors

Coils for Contactors LC1

Coils for Contactors LC1 with all kinds of ratings.

Coils for Contactor 3TF

Coils for Contactors 3TF with all kinds of ratings.