Thermal Overload Relays

Thermal Overload Relay JR28 / LR2

JR28 /LR2 series thermal relay is suitable for using in the circuit rated voltage up to 660V, ratedcurrent 93A AC 50/ 60Hz, for over-current protection of AC motor. The relay has the differentialmechanism and temperature compensation and can plug in LC1 or CJX2 series AC contactor. Theproduct conforms to IEC60947-4-1 stardand.

Thermal Overload Relay 3UA / JRS2

JRS2 thermal relay is suitable for AC 50/60Hz, voltage up to 660V and current up to 630A,general AC motor of long or discontinuous long operation, used as overload protection and hasthe functions of breaking phase protection, temperature compensation, and trip indication. Itcan automatically and manually get back. It can be fixed with contactor CJX1 together, also beindependtly fixed. The product conforms to IEC60947-4-1 stardand.