AC Contactor CJX1 / 3TF

CJX1 series AC contactors are suitable for frequency 50/60Hz,rated insulation voltage up to1000V,rated operation current 9~475A under AC-3 duty.It is mainly used for making/breakingelectric circuit at a long distance & for frequent starting/stopping & with thermal relay to com-pose a magnetic motor starter.The product conforms to IEC60947-4-1 stardand.



  • Adopt building block system to mount auxiliary contactor block, air delay auxiliary contactor, thermal overload relay and so on, which can be combined into multiple derved series product.
  • Contactor has the advantage of Small volume, light, low consumption, high life, good safety.


  • Control of all types of motors and distribution circuits
  • Industry, infrastructure, building, Wind turbines , Photovoltaic, data centres, etc.
  • Control of resistive, inductive and capacitive circuits
  • Frequency drives and soft starters
  • Light distribution circuits, Induction furnaces, etc.
  • Specifications

AC Contactor 3TF Specification 001


AC Contactor 3TF Specification 002

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