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  • AC Contactor CJX2-F400
  • AC Contactor CJX2-F630
  • AC Contactor CJX2-F150

AC Contactors CJX2-F / LC1-F

CJX2-F AC contactor is suitable for using in the circuits u to the rated voltage 380V AC 50/ 60Hz, current 800A, for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or controlling the motor. It also can be sed for the conntrol of distribution circuits of rated current from 115A to 800A. It conforms to IEC60947-4-1.



  • For motor applications up to 670 kW / 440V
  • Control of all types of motors in normal or severe service conditions


• Contactors according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1
• Rated current 115 – 780 A at 400 V AC-3
• 3-pole versions
• Coil control voltage 24 – 415 V AC/DC
• Rated conditional short circuit current I = 50 kA q
• Suitable for industrial applications
• Mounting onto panel with screws


To order contactors:
Please specify Denor code plus Coil Voltage: 110VAC, 127VAC, 220VAC, 230VAC, 380VAC or Customize voltage

Specification for CJX2-FSpecification coil voltage for CJX2-F


Technical Data CJX2-F

Main Parameter and Technical Characteristic

Main Parameter and Technical Characteristic for CJX2-F

Overall and Mounting Dimensions

* Please refer to dimensional drawing in the next page

Overall and Mounting Dimensions

Note:a.f: min. distance needed to mount and dismount the coil
B.X1:Confirm flashover distance according to working volt and breaking capacity

Assembly with Auxiliaries

drawing for CJX2-F


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