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AC Contactors CJX2 / LC1

CJX2 series AC contactor(hereinafter to be referred as contactor), it mainly applies to the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz, and rated insulation voltage 660V. When used in AC-3, and rated operational voltage is 380V, rated current up to 620A, for long distance breaking circuit and frequently starting or control the motor. Combined with proper thermal overload relay can protect load circuit. Contactor can fre-quently start and control AC electromotor. This product conforms to IEC60947-4-1 standard.



  • Adopt building block system to mount auxiliary contactor block, air delay auxiliary contactor, thermal overload relay and so on, which can be combined into multiple derived series product.
  • Contactor has the advantage of Small volume, light, low consumption, high life, good safety.
  • Main contactor below 32A has 1 N/C or 1 N/O, there is 1 N/C and 1 N/O above 40A. Contactor can be assembled with F4、F8 auxiliary contact or Time-delay block.
  • Contactor can not only use screw mounting but also use 35mm[CJX-09~95], 75mm[CJX-40~95]and2 ×35mm[CJX2-D115~170]international standard Din-rail mounting.


• Contactors according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1
• With rated current up to 95A at 400V AC-3
• 3-pole versions
• Coil control voltage 24 – 415 VAC
• Rated conditional short circuit current I 50kA q
• Suitable mainly for industrial applications, can be used also for domestic ones
• Mounting onto device rail (DIN) 35 mm or 75 mm (sizes 40A,50A,65A,80A,95A) or onto panel

To order contactors:
Please specify Denor code plus coil voltage: 24VAC, 110VAC, 127VAC, 220VAC, 230VAC, 380VAC, 400VAC, etc


Specification for CJX2

Standard control circuit voltage for CJX2


Technical Data CJX2

Technical Data CJX2

Dimensions (mm)

Dimension for CJX2 contactor

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram for CJX2 Contactor

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