• Thermal Overload Relay JR28-13
  • Thermal Overload Relay JR28-23
  • Thermal Overload Relay JR28-33

Thermal Overload Relay JR28 / LR2

JR28 /LR2 series thermal relay is suitable for using in the circuit rated voltage up to 660V, ratedcurrent 93A AC 50/ 60Hz, for over-current protection of AC motor. The relay has the differentialmechanism and temperature compensation and can plug in LC1 or CJX2 series AC contactor. Theproduct conforms to IEC60947-4-1 stardand.


The thermal relays LR 2- E series are three pole relays designed for protection of induction motors from overload or overheat. They are mounted to
contactors LC1-D series and an operating circuit for motor control is passed through their NC contacts.
They have bimetallic releases /1 per phase/ through them the motors current flows and indirectly mated.
The bimetallic releases bend subject to the influence of mating and this results in tripping of the relay.
The contacts change switch position. The choice of a suitable protection prevents motor’s operation at unusual temperature conditions and guarantees maximum constant operation, increases the effectiveness and prolongs the term of exploitation.

• switching o ffalternating current consumers at current overload
• making of control systems for consumers
• used as a protective operating element in control panels of induction motors
• remarkable with high reliability of current characteristics
• Rated operating voltage: up to 690V AC; 50/60 Hz
• Rated operating current range: up to 690V AC
• insulation voltage: >690V
• Surge voltage wear resistance:≥6000V
• Joining terminal: screw terminal
• temperature compensation: -25 +55
• tripping category: class 10A
• Connecting:
• flexible or rigid conductors with or without cable terminal for joining to the consumer
• to the contactor through the relay terminals
• the connecting terminals with the consumer can be adjusted according to the type of the contactor
• Electrical wear resistance (number of cycles):>1000000
• Mechanical wear resistance (number of cycles):>10000000
• Indication for protection activating
• Possibility for choice of the protection restoring (through the blue button)
• Possibility for range adjustment of the protection activating
• Possibility for operation at higher frequency
• mounting to the contactor: to the terminals of the
contactor as it is additionally clamped to its frame through a pin
• mounting position: vertical gradient – maximum ± 5°
• Plastic: wear resistance of UV rays and nonflammable (self-extinguishing material)
• Ambient temperature: -10°C + 65°C
• Installation altitude: up to 2000m



LR2-E13 Overload Relay specifications


LR2-E23 Overload Relay specifications


LR2-E33 Overload Relay specifications


LR2-F43 Overload Relay for F contactors specifications



Connecting scheme for thermal overload relaysDimensions for thermal overload relay

Dimension data for thermal overload relay

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