Sourcing Solutions

Sourcing the products or 'partners in China' according to client’s requirements. As per our evaluation standards and experience, we can quickly find qualified products and recommend to clients, we monitor the orders successfully produce in factories and arrange the shipment before inspection. All inspection report will be sent to client to get approval.


Product Sourcing:

As a Sourcing Agent China, we take care of whole process, including:
● Communicate and understand client’s expectations.
● Source direct manufacturers and obtain quotations.
● Negotiate prices, lead time and minimum order quantity.
● Qualify the suppliers based on quality, capacity, price and lead time.
● Develop and evaluate the samples.
● Complete compliance test for the samples when necessary.
● Monitor production trial run.
● Follow up manufacturing and conduct QC inspection.
● Coordinate logistics and deliver products to client.


Quality Control:

We guarantee quality by below actions:
● ​Establish inspection guidelines per approved samples.
● ​Train quality control China inspectors for professional skills.
● ​Visit factory to conduct pre-shipment inspection.
● ​Release official inspection report within 1 working day.
● ​When requested by client, conduct inspection for samples or initial production.
● ​When requested by client, pull samples from mass production for compliance test.
● ​When requested by client, do container loading check.
● ​Arrange compliance test at SGS (at up to 50% discount).



Product Sourcing Service — 3% – 5% commission based on order amount.
— Once we have agreed your order and specifications or received your approved samples, we will do the test, including sourcing, order processing, quality control, logistics, and ongoing communications. No extra or hidden cost including that we do not charge suppliers’ fees.
Quality Control Service — $200 USD per manday including everything.
— Once you provide your quality requirements or approved samples, we will visit the factory and do a thorough inspection. We offer this service anywhere in China, no extra or hidden cost.


Example: Pre-shipment Inspection

Container load in Denor factory

Inspection Results Overview

1. How many containers of 40″ HQ container(s)2. No packing list was placed inside of the container.

3. Actual loading quantity are 495pcs units and 35sets extra parts.


Loading cargos in Denor

Container condition 2

container loading 2

container loading 3

container loading 4

container loading 5

Container condition 6

container loading 7