Hey, a new product the design is the same as schneider trip unit or release unit.

Long time pick-up adjstment type Ir :Adjustable 9 settings ;

[Tr] long-time delay adjustment: 11 s 7.2 x Ir , 16 s 6 x Ir, 400 s 1.5 x Ir.


Denor has full of set of molds to make stable and good performance in new design. Now we look at the photos of our products.


Trip Unit 250A 3P NSX Schneider


Trip Unit 250A 3P NSX with motor Schneider


Trip Unit 400A 3P NSX Schneider


 Schneider Trip Unit 630A 3P NSX


The Trip Unit range from 100A ,160A, 250A, 400A, 630A for NSX molded case circuit breakers. The prices are much cheaper than Schneider Original, but the quality and perforamnce are almost in the same level. Learn more ? Why do you contact us right now, we already prepare the samples for your checking.



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