Impulse Relay BIR-16

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Customer needs

• The lighting system must be able to be turned on locally, by the residents.
• It must be possible to switch off all the lighting areas by means of centralized control in a single action, to ensure extinguishing of the whole house.
• For practical reasons, all the lighting areas can also be switched on in a single action.


Proposed solution

• The use of Denor Impulse Relays allows both local control of each room and centralized control of the whole house.
• Centralized control is provided by ON/OFF pushbuttons, remote from all the rooms to be managed.


User/customer benefits

• Energy savings: centralized control allows extinguishing of all the rooms in the house to prevent leaving rooms lit when there are no residents.
• Comfort: all the rooms in the house can also be switched on in a single action.
• Ease of installation: the small size (18 mm) of the impulse relay is equivalent to that of a simple impulse relay.



• mounting to 35mm DIN-rail
• mounting : in different position of installation
• plastic: nonflammable (self-extinguishing material)
• ambient temperature: -20°C to + 50°C
• degree of protection(IEC 60529) : IP20
• tropicalization(IEC 60068-1) : treatment 2 (relative humidity 95% at 55°C)


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for Impulse relay BIR-16


Basic Information for Impulse Relays (5 coils for option)

Impulse relays for options 230V AC 24VDC

Impulse relays for options 130VAC 12VDCImpulse relays for options 230V 4NO




Operation impulse relay BIR




Impulse relay-drawing-1Impulse relay-drawing



Connection-impulse relays BIR-Denor

Connection-impulse relays-Denor





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