QCX2- 40A 50A 65A 80A 95A

Motor Magnetic Starter QCX2- 40A 50A 65A 80A 95A

QCX2 series magnetic starter is mainly applied to circuit of AC 50 or 60Hz,voltage up to 550Vfor far distance making and breaking circuit and frequently starting and controlling motor. It hasthe features of small volume, light weight, low power consumption, high efficiency, safe andreliable performance. It complies to IEC947-4-1.

Main Technical Parameter

Type QCX2-40 QCX2-50 QCX2-65 QCX2-80 QCX2-95
Selected AC Contactor CJX2-40 CJX2-50 CJX2-65 CJX2-80 CJX2-95
Selected Thermal Overload Relay JR28-33 JR28-33 JR28-33 JR28-33 JR28-33
Rated Power kW/HP(AC-3)
200-240V 11/15 15/20 18.5/25 22/30 25/35
380-440V 18.5/25 22/30 30/40 37/50 45/60
Rated Current A(AC-3)
200-240V 50 63 80 95 110
380-440V 40 50 65 80 95
Conventional Thermal Current Ith:(A) 60 80 80 110 130
Rated Insulated Voltage Ui:(V) 660
Contact Arrangement Standard 1NO+1NC
Rated Current A(AC-15)
200-240V 1.6
380-440V 0.95
Conventional Thermal Current Ith:(A) 16
Electric Life(Million Times) 1
Mechanical Life(Million Times) 5
OPEN TYPE QCX2- 40A 50A 65A 80A 95A Internal Construction
External Dimensions(mm)

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