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  • Modular Contactor + ON OFF Auxiliary

ON / OFF Auxiliary Contacts for Modular Contactors

This auxiliary BACTs allows to show "open"or"closed" postition of the Contactor; Mounted to the right of modular contactors; 9mm spacer


Denor auxiliary BACTs  allows indication or control of the ‘‘open’’ or ‘‘closed’’ position of the contactor power contacts.

  • Compact design and modularization design
  • Rating :10 A
  • Width: 9mm
  • Electrical endurance (O-C): 100,000 cycles
  • No noise during operation
  • Utilization category: AC-1,AC-7a,AC-7b
  • Optional Modular Contactors: Standard contactors / Manually operated contactors
  • Mounted to the right of modular contactors


  • Easy to select, with a 9mm wide range compliant with DIN standard
  • Peace of mind with the complete modular system
  • Flexible auxiliaries combination  with a simple clip-on system


  • Monitoring of electrical circuits in all industrial, commercial and residential buildings for final circuits such as lighting, heating, roller blind, watering system, ovens, utility motors: ventilation, heat pump etc.


Technical specifications for auxiliaryWire diagram for auxiliary


dimension of auxialiry contactors

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