• Rotary Switches GLD11 3P 40A-63A Kraus&Naimer Blue Line
  • Rotary Switches GLD11 (3P 80A-100A)
  • Rotary Switches GLD11 (4P 40A-63A)

Rotary Switches LW30 GLD11 3P-4P 20A-100A

Denor's rotary switches applied to rated working current up to 100A and have the same design as Kraus & Naimer Blue Line. It suitable to control: air-conditioner, water pump and ventilating equipments and AC motor with small power. There are six current ratings: 20A, 32A,40A,63A,80A,100A.They all comply with IEC 60947-3.





The switch from the insulation disconnection contacts, reached 13 x 14mm VDE0113. Considerably more than the security requirements, in many cases, switch security level than the world existing electric block.

Flexible installation type

Switch suitable panel and can be used, installation, and base type can easily installed base and safely use screws or 35mm rail system installation, most strong flexibility and adaptability, additional contactor and neutral terminals may not remove switch and easily to increase theadditional contactor.

Convenient installation

Built-in screws can prevent manual operation sliding, pneumatic or power tools, ensure the best performance play during the installation and speed.

Rotary Switches GLD11 main technical parameters

Rotary Switches GLD11 main technical parameters -2Rotary Switches GLD11 main technical parameters -3


Showcase for GaRotary Switches GLD11 3P 40A-63A

Rotary Switches GLD11 3P 40A-63A Overview

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